Top 5 Best Dslr Cameras Under 50000 In 2021 For Beginners

top 5 best dslr camera under 50000Best Dslr Cameras Under 50000 In 2021: If You Are A Beginner And Searching For A Best Cameras For You So It Is Difficult Task For You To Find Best Camera Under Your Budget .You See Many Dslr Cameras In Market, But All Dslr ‘s Are Not Better For You.  Here Is The Collection Of Best Dslr Under 40000

In This Article I will Tell You About Best Dslr Cameras under 50000 and Also Explain About Feature Of these Camera Which Help You To Pick Best Camera From These .

On Internet Many Peaple Are Show The Camera with Lens But The Price Of Camera With Dual Lens Is Highest With Lens We Also Cleared This And tell You A real Price Of Cameras.

5 Best Dslr Camera Under 50000 In India

Here Is The List O Best Dslr Camera In 2021 These are the best dslr camera for beginners

  1. Nikon D5600 .- Dslr With Dual Lens kits,
  2. Sony Alpha a7. – With 24.3 MP Mirrorless Digital SLR,
  3. Nikon D3500.- DSLR Camera with Dual Lens Kits,
  4. Panasonic LUMIX.- G7 16.00 MP 4K Mirrorless,

  5. Canon EOS 1500D.- With 18-55m And 70-300mm Lens

See Best Dslr camera list On Amazon – Dslr Under 50000

Now We Cover Every  Camera In Details

 NIKON D5600 DSLR Camera nikon 5300d

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Key Features

  • Nikon F mount Lens mount
  • 23.5 x 15.6 mm CMOS sensor
  • Hi-Speed USB, NTSC, PAL Video output
  • One rechargeable Li-ion EN-EL14a battery
  • Eye-level pentamirror single-lens reflex viewfinde.


Dual Lens – You Get Dual Kit Lens (18-55mm And 70-300mm) In Same Price

Current Price – The Price Of Nikon D5300 At This Time Is 42,999 Rupees

Image Qaulity – Image Qaulity Is Perfect With the 24.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS. Nikon Improved White balance Which Helpfull in Color Apearance And Smooth Gradation..

ISO – The Range Of Iso Is  ISO100 – ISO12800 at normal setting delivers impressive noise reduction and is expandable to 25600 for extreme low-light situations.

Wifi In Nikon D5600 – You Can Connect Your Dslr With Mobile or Computer Through Wifi And Simply transfer shots to your computer or mobile Phone with the D5300’s Wi-Fi System . It Provide A free Wireless Mobile Utility app Which Help you remotely control the dslr camera with your mobile device.

Special Effects – 9 special  effects re Available In Niko 5300D ,Personalise your photos with These Effects . A New Effect Added are Toy Camera and HDR Painting.

Sony Alpha ILCE 

Sony Digital Slr

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Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L 24.3 MP Mirrorless Digital SLR Camera with 16-50 mm

Key Features

  • Sensor: APS-C CMOS sensor with 24.3 MP (Resolution is high for large prints and image cropping)
  • ISO: The Range Of ISO is 100-25600 sensitivity range (It is Not Good For Remove Noise Specially in Dark ) ;
  • External Power: AC Adapter AC-PW20 (optional) ;
  • Temparature: 32-104°F / 0-40°C ;
  • Image Processor: Bionz X with 179 autofocus points (It Play A Important Role For Speed InAnd Accurancy In Auto Focus and And Burst Mode.)
  • Video Resolution: Full HD video with fully manual control With Manual frame rates Which Better for high-quality video work)
  • Connectivity: WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth Are Available In This Camera – Which useful for  transferring Images Wirelessely And remotely controlling your camera.


Lens – It Capture Good (Images With A Kit Lens Mirrorless Digital SLR Camera with 16-50 mm)

Focus – 4D Focus for Capture Sharp Image Of Moving Object.

Wide 179 AF Points Coverage Over The Full Screen – The Sony Alpha 6000 provides extensive frame coverage and location of your subject, no matter where are they in frame.

Eye Caputring Ability – The Alpha 6000 is a super compact Mirrorless camera Which is about half the size and weight of a typical DSLR Camera.

Best Dslr Camras Under 30000 in 2021

How To Use Dslr Camera | Nikon And Canon

Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera 

Nikon 3500d cameras under 50000
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Nikon D3500 Dslr Camera with AF-P 18-55 mm + AF-P 70-300 mm VR Kit

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Nikon 3500D Is Best Dslr Camera For Beginner Photographer . In My District many peaple Are Using This Camera .


  • Lens Type: 18-55mm Lens VR Lens And +70-300mm VR Lens kits
  • Megapixel & Sensor Type: 24.2 MegaPixel And CMOS Sensor
  • Auto Focus Points: 11Point Autofocus Point.
  • ISO Range: ISO 100-25600
  • Frames Per Second(Continuous Shots): 5FPS
  • Video Recording: FULL HD VIDEO RECORDING
  • Monitor or Display size, type: 7.62cm (3INCH) FIXED SCREEN
  • Connectivity: WIFI/BLUETOOTH
  • Processor: 4 image processor


Lens – This Camera With Dual Lens 18-55mm kit Lens And 70-300 mm Lens kit.

Best Camera For Newbie
If You Are A New In Photography So this Camera Is Best Choice FOr You With price Range And Camera user Interface. If you can take a picture with your smartphone, you can take a Good Images with the D3500. Auto mode Give amazing results in nearly any situation. If you want to learn while you shoot So For Your Help turn on Guide mode and follow simple on-screen guidance.

Shoot Comfortably
The D3500 simply feels great in your hands. It is light-weight and balanced, even with a telephoto lens attached. Each button and dial is placed Carefully for comfort and easy to use, and the menu system is simple and Attractive.

Panasonic LUMIX 

best dslr of parasonic under 50000 Buy Now Button

Parasonic Lumix G7 16.00 MP 4K Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera Kit with 14-42 mm Lens

Key Features

  • Sensor – 16 megapixel Micro 4-3 sensor with no low pass filter to It Can Caputre sharp images with a high range and with free performance; WiFi enabled
  • 4K Video Recorder : 4K QHD video recording (3840 x 2160) with Three 4K Ultra HD Click at 25p and Full HD ( 1920 * 1080 ) at 50p
  • 4K Photo Mode : 8MegaPixel PHOTO BURST MODE at 30 fps, extracts individual high resolution images from 4K Ultra HD video filmed at 30 frames per second to capture split second moments
  • CONTROLS: Easily control ISO and shutter settings with the front and rear dials while making white balance and ISO adjustments on the fly; Assign favorite settings to any of the six function buttons
  • High Resolution LCD and View Finder : High resolution (2,360K dot) OLED Live View Finder and rear touch enabled 3 inch tilt/swivel LCD display (1,040 dot) are clear even in bright sunlight


Lens – This Is A Video Camera So It is best with Kit lens

Focus – High Speed Auto Focusing with FHD Technology

4K photo – Capture the Perfect Moment

Unwire your Creativity via Wi-fi – The connectivity features Increase the usability of this camera in many ways.The camera can be easily  controlled by using the “Panasonic Image App” enabling you to view the image, set the focus, release the shutter from a long distance or review photographs on the screen .

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Canon EOS 1500D DSLR Camera 

canon eos 1500d

Canon EOS 1500d with 18-55 mm and 55-250 mm Dual Lens Kit

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Key Features

  • Lens Type: Double Zoom Kit(18-55mm+55-250mm)
  • Megapixel & Sensor Type: 24.1 MEGAPIXEL CMOS SENSOR
  • Auto Focus Points: 9 POINT ALL CROSS TYPE
  • ISO Range: ISO 100-12800
  • Frames Per Second(Continuous Shots): 3FPS
  • Video Recording: FULL HD VIDEO RECORDING
  • Monitor or Display size, type: 7.62cm (3INCH) FIXED SCREEN
  • Connectivity: WIFI/NFC
  • Processor: DIGIC4+


Lens – Dual Lens

Price – At Current Time The Price Of Canon EOS D1500 Is 42,990.

Capture Every Detail with 24.1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

Capture High Qaulity Image With Imaging Processor
An image processor that powerfully processes of the large amount of light data received by the APS-C size CMOS sensor, it is Completed with high definition and a high level of gradation. It produces delicate, natural and high-quality images with Some noise.Nikon 1500D Is Also best camera For Newbie


Tips to buy A Good Dslr Cameras

If You Are Buying A New Camera So These Thing is Helpfull for You.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Camera Are Lens Compatibility ,Battery ,LCD  ,Battery Heating Issue ,Higher Sutter Speed And Greater Aperture Range. Sensorsize is also important feature to keep in mind while buying a cameras.

If you have the money, then by all means the best you can buy. A good lens will get you much more than a good body.

But keep in mind, a pro camera and a pro lens are not the same pro photos. Go to Flickr and find any top level camera and you will see a lot of dirt.

Even if you have cash, I would say start small. Take an entry level camera. Maybe upgrade the kit lens if you really want to spend more. A 50mm prime would be a good starting lens.

Some reasons

You really don’t know if you’ll stick with photography. Before investing more Money, Look if you like the hobby by shooting for a year with something cheap.

If you feel that you are not as inclined as you thought, then you are not missing a lot.
A cheap camera is good for learning. You will not be distracted by features that only professionals have enough skills to actually use properly.

Another reason to start cheap is that as a beginner you do not know what kind of photography will appeal to you. Again, shoot for a year and see what call you get. If you think you enjoy street photography, for example, you want a different camera for scenarios.
But before you invest too much, the bottom line is learn how to shoot. Learn to compose. Hell, you don’t even need a camera for this: one lesson I’ve used before is to make a few frames and have the students move around with them.

Look at it this way: When you first start learning horse riding, you won’t buy your son one of Lance Armstrong’s bicycles. He may be able to ride it, but his skill is nowhere near enough to actually use all the extra things the bike has. It is like a waste of money at the moment. A camera and also for a start.

How To Use Dslr Camera


In This Post We Know About Top 5 best Dslr cameras in 2021 ,If You Are Beginner So This Post is helpfull for Them , Share This With your Friends And If You Have Any Query and Question Related DSLR , So Yo Can Ask In Comment Box .

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