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Hello Guys In This Articles We Know How To Become A Professional Nature Photographer And I Also Give You Some Tips To Become A Successfull Nature Photographer. If You Want To Become A Wild Life Photogrpher So read Our Previous Article In Which I tell About Best Camera For Wildlife Photography

So Now We Start From Begining About Nature Photography And First We Know About What Is Nature Photography.

What Is Nature Photography

Nature Photography Is a Art Of Capturing A amazing Pictures Of Nature And Its Beauty In A Camera. The Person Who Capturing The photo Of Nature And Its Beauty Is Called Nature Photographer. In Simple Word You can Nature Photography is a outdoor Photography In Which A Nature Photographer Capture A Images Of Nature beauty In His Camera.

Nature Photography help to Explore Our Planet And Realise The Peaple Obout Nature And its Beauty and Encourage Peaple to Preserve It.

nature photography

What Is Requirement For Nature Photographer

The Requiremnet To Become A Nature Photographer Are

  • Best Dslr Camera – It is The First priorty to become a nature photographer , A Good Dslr Camera Help you To Capture a Attractive and perfect shot. Read Our this article to know Which dslr is best for nature or wildlife photographyIn This Artcle I suggest For Wildlife Photographer but it also for a Nature photographer because of little bit difference between nature and wildlife photographer. a Wildlife Photographer Shoot a wild beauty and nature photographer shoot nature beauty.
  • Good Lenses – Camera Is Body and Second Thing Is Need To A Lense Best lense If You Want To Become A Profeesional Nature Photographer So Choose Best lens For Your Camera. I Suggest You To Use a kit Lens and  200 -400 mm Lens For Nature Photography because At Some Time We Need To Capture A Far object Image So You Can Capture With 200-400mm Lens and For nearest object you can you a kit lenses. other wise 70-300mm lense is also good if you are beginner.
  • Gears – A Gear Is Those Things Which Make A Nature photography Easy For You Example , Tripod , Editing Software , camera Bag and Oher Things. A Reqired Gear For A professional Photographer is
    • Tripod
    • Super zoom lens(70–300mm VR lens for Nikon or 18-55mm IS lens for Canon)*
    • Lens Hood
    • DSLR bag which fits all your accessories.
    • Neutral Density Filter and Graduated Neutral Density Filter.
    • A jacket.
    • Good shoes with good grip.
    • Full length trousers.

How To Become a Nature Photographernature photographer


  1. Shoot  attractive Images Of Nature – A First Things You Need To Do Is Shoot A Attractive And Amazing Pictures Of Nature Yourself. Because Without Any Photo You Did Not Become a Nature Photographer So Shoot More And More Images Of Nature.
  2. Send Your Photos To Photography Agency – After Shooting A Best Images Of nature you Need To Explore Those Images On Internet or Send To Photgraphy Agency Who Give A Value Of You Images. Search A Nearly Photography Agency And Send Him Your Nature Photographs.
  3. Create Your Website and Upload – This is The Best And Popular way To Expand Your Photography Skill Into To World . many Famous Photographer Have A Personal Website Example:

    And a You can Also Earn Money From Your Website. So Create Your Website And Upload Your Own Captured Photographs With Descriptions.

  4. Join Photography Event – If You Joint Any Event So You get Some Peaple who Already in Photography Make A Friends To Him And Try To Learn Something To Him. And Also Tell About Your Skill . Perhap They Can Promotes You In Any Company or Agencies.
  5. Share Photographs On Social Media  – Share Your Captured Photographs on Social Media Special On Instagram With Trending Photography Hashtag.  It Help You To Explore Your Photo graphs.
  6. Be Patient

Best Nature Photographer In The World

The Famous Outdoor or Nature Photographer Insipire New Photographer So Below We Given The Name And Details Of Some Famous Outdoor Photographer. Outdoor Included In Nature Photographer.

1. Franc Lantin

franc lantin

Franc Lantin Is a Dutch and He Is a natural and National Geographical Photographer and also a speaker.He Born on 13 July 1951 . Lantin Won a Many Awards and He Is a one of the great nature photographer of our  time , His Influentl Work are Publish In Magzines and Newspaper In many Times. And His Official Website is .

2. Art Wolfe

art wolfe
Image Source :

Art Wolfe Is A American Photographer. He Mostly Active On Twitter His Twitter Id Is @artwolf and Art Wolfe Recieve A National Award Of America. He Is a Popular For Color Landscape , Wildlife and Native cultural Photographs. His Official Website Is He Born on 13 September 1951.

3. Jimmy Chin

jimmy chin

Jimmy Chin Is A American Climber And Photographer.And He Also A Film Director His Film Has Won Academy Award.His Website is He Born In America in 12 October 1972

Nature Photography Tips

These tips is help you to become a successfull Nature photographer

  • Practice regularly
  • Build Your Own Website and Share Your photographs
  • Don’t ignore Instagram
  • Capture photo in sunlight mean opposite direction of Sun
  • Use Editing Software


In This Article We know about Nature photography and also know about what is requirements for nature photography with some photography tips which helps you to become a successful Nature photographer.

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