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How To Become A Wedding Photographer (2021) With Salary

How To Become A Wedding Photographer in Uk ,India , Toronto Or Any Other Country.
Hello Readers, In This Article We Know How to become a Wedding photographer and What things and Equipment Are Required To Become a Wedding Photographer and more Other Information related To Wedding Photography , So Lets Get Started.

How To Become A Wedding Photographer

We Cover Wedding Photography In Five Steps and We Also Explain It In Short Which Help To Become A Successfull Wedding Photographer And Grow Your Wedding Photography Business, Become a Wedding photographer In India :-

  • Buy A Camera. Camera is a First Privert To Enter Into Any Type Of Photography And For Wedding Photography One Dslr Camera And One 4k Videography Camera Is Must. After Buying A Camera You Need To Learn How To Operate and How To Use It Know How To Use Dslr Camera And Keep Regular Practice With Dslr Camera to Know Do Better Photography.
  • Open A Studio .Studio Opening Is Optional If You Have Low Budget So You Can Utilize Your Room As A Studio. In Wedding Photography Studio Is Not Much Important Mainly In Studio Wedding Photographer Edit His Photos And Videos. So If You Have A Budget To Open It You Can Do it Else Coninue Without it. Next Process Selecting A Name For Wedding Photography. Choose A Better Name And Make A Banner of it.
  • Advertise About Your Studio To Get Customer. After That Next Steps is Promotion And Building Your Audience . Promote Your Business To Get Your First Client Advertise  Every Where Online On Internet , Social Media and Offline Through Newepaper . You Can Also Use Other Source To Promote Your Wedding Photography To Get More Customers.
  • Shoot and Make Album. Get Ready For Your First Day Shoot After Getting A Order From A Client You Need To Grab It From Both Hand,  I Mean That Capture A Best Scene And Make a remeberable Your First Wedding Shoot. After Shooting It Next Steps Is-
  • Launch It . Launch Your First Cassete After Shooting And Provide Him In Least Price .It Helps To Build More Customer.
  • Keep Update And Regular.

Buy A Camera And Equiepment

5 Best Camera For Wedding Photography

Here Is The Details Of 5 Best Camera for wedding photography Under 50000 in india :

  • Nikon D5
  • Sony A7 SlR
  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Fujifilm’s Camera
  • Canon 5200D

We Suggest This Camera’s Because All Above 5 Camera are Perfect And Easy To Use In These Also Video Recording Facility Also Available. And other important Required Equipment Are Given Below.

Candid Photography
Image Source Canvera

What is Equipment For Wedding Photography

The Required Equipment For Wedding Photographer Are :

  • Camera with Backup
  • Lens
  • Speedlight
  • Tripods

These Equipment Are Complusary In Wedding Photography This helps to shoot perfect and good shot in weddings

.wedding girl

Open Your Studio And Make A Brand

5 Best Wedding Photographers in India

Below We Given The List Of Top 5 Best Wedding Photography Studio Of India:

  • Wedding Locks – Wedding Lock Wedding Photographer Studios In Navi Mumbai.
  • The Wedding Salad
  • Dream Diaries
  • Studio Kelly Photography
  • Going Banaras Photography.

If You Want To Open A Wedding Photography Studio So You Can Learn From Them They Are Top Wedding Photographer ‘s Studio .

Launch It For Your Customer 

Now We Know About Best Wedding Photographers Of India

Wedding Photographer Salary In India

Salary of Wedding Photographers Mostly Depend On Order and Working Time, A Average Salary Of Wedding Photographer Is Rs 42000-450000 Per Month . The Salary Of Wedding Photographer In India are Rs.15000 -25000 Per Order.

It Is A Seasonal Business So You Can Earn Lot Of Money In One Wedding Seasonal Months.

An early career wedding photographer with 1–4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (tips, bonuses and overtime pay) of ₹ 442,186 based on 22 salaries. A mid-career wedding photographer with 5–9 years of experience earns a total compensation of ₹ 325,000 on average based on 7 salaries. I’ll be ahead with you: The annual salary of a wedding photographer can vary greatly. For example, ZipRecuter lists the average wedding photographer’s salary to be $ 104,000 per year. Pacekel, on the other hand, states an average salary of $ 45,000 annually.

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wedding photographer

Why a Wedding photographer

OK. So I have an engineering / MBA degree or Any other Jobs , why should I choose a photography career? These kinds of questions often pop into us while we think about changing careers from white-collar jobs to business, and this is perfectly logical. There can be a hundred reasons to choose a job but to run behind passion simply requires a crazy decision. However, for me, although I was not a failure at academics, I was not good either, but I believe that it is okay to be a good photographer than to be a bad engineer.

There are a thousand careers to choose from, but very few people just need knowledge to make big money. Wedding photography is one of them because all you need is creativity and command on camera. Small events such as anniversaries, birthdays etc. can also benefit a lot. In our country, events such as weddings, no matter how low budget, wedding photographers charge over 25k, where the profit margin is beyond imagination. Once you have some happy customers and experience in the field, a good wedding photography budget starts at 100k, and then the sky is the limit.

What do I need to do to start a wedding photography business?

Most important, trust. If you think you can, you certainly will. Yes, professional cameras, lenses, and photography gadgets are too expensive for anyone to start a career as a wedding photographer, but did you know, some famous photographers like Ansel Adams started their careers on a small budget? It was done with the camera. To begin with, there is no need for a fancy camera or expensive gadgets. For starters, the cost of investment can be under 100K, which can only be recovered in three-four wedding projects. Any freelancer can hire photographers just to start their business.

But what about the market? Don’t I have a hundred photographers in my city with expensive gadgets and experience? How could I possibly think of competing with them?

Hundred, maybe true but does it even matter?

If you have a camera, you have a market. Investment or gadget does not speak, works. There may be hundreds of photographers in your city, but have you ever thought about how many people live in your area? Perhaps thousands, it is not, and not everyone may have enough savings to buy a car, but one day or the other, everyone will surely get married. Now imagine the market around your house. Some may have contacts with some good photographers, but most of them are not. The only thing you need to do is to do a little research about those customers and market your work. Once you have a recurrence in the market, people will definitely contact you, but it is important that your work should be a masterpiece.

How do strangers feel by clicking weddings?

One word, awesome. A wedding is always a happy moment and one who would not like to smile, laugh. Dancing, singing, and partying, and what a joy it can be. The stories are not just for papers, but are also captured in photographs and this is what a wedding photographer does, through the camera telling stories of love and feelings.

Also, if you are a bhoji like me, then this cannot be an ideal job.

What should we remember as a wedding photographer?

Goodwill and honesty is the key to success in every business, and it comes with hard work and dedication. The wedding may be a routine for a photographer, but for clients, it is a onetime event, so there should be an expert behind the camera, as those moments pass in a moment but are remembered for decades. It is important to remember that each image is a frozen moment and therefore has to be captured expertly. Without adequate knowledge and experience in photography one should not jump.

In this field, fame and notoriety are synonymous with success and failure. It is not important how one catches or what gadget is used, the result should bring a smile, this should make the customers satisfied. A happy customer will bring in a pair of more customers, but will spread a disgruntled negativity, a real reason why some people do not achieve what they aim for.


My point of view :

Overall, this is an ideal career for those seeking the thrill and excitement of a lifetime. Adventure because you have to travel a lot, eat a lot and the excitement will increase as you will see new faces, meet strangers and make new friends almost every day. There may be conflict in the beginning but once you have mastered your gadget, people will book appointments. There is no estimate of how much you can earn, nor is there any retirement age. The business of marriage is always a stream of possibilities. As I stated earlier, if you have the right gameplan, then the sky is your limit.

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In This Article We Learn How To Start Wedding Photography Business and How To Become A Wedding Photographer and What Euipment is required for wedding photography If You Have Any Dout related to wedding Photography Startups You Can Ask In Comment .

The Post

Top 5 Best Dslr Cameras Under 50000 

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Additional (Only Read This Section If You Have Free Time )

Conversation Between a Peaple And Wedding Photographer

A customer asked me how much is the 2-day wedding photography package

Me About $ 1500

Constomer : Why is it so expensive? All i need is an album and a video

Me : How much do you think it will cost you?

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: $ 100 max … it’s just easy, isn’t it ?! All you have to do is take some pictures.

Me: Hmm okay, maybe you can do it yourself.

Costomer : but I don’t know how … don’t

Me: I will teach you for $ 100, with this, you can save about $ 700
You will get the knowledge you will need.

Costomer: Okay, I’m fine with that.

Me : But to get started: we need a few things first:
A Professional DSLR (2400)
DSLR Lens ($ 1600)
Lighting Setup ($ 400)
Other Camera Accessories ($ 200)

Costomer : Do I need to buy all that? I only need 1 wedding album n video wedding

Me: Oh !! Sorry I completely forgot about the videography equipment .. those things will cost you extra

Costomer :What? 😲 .. 😲

When you pay for a job, you not only pay for the job content, but:
– Knowledge
– Experience
– Study
– equipment
– Services
– time to go
– Punctuality
– Accountability
– Accuracy
– Guarantee
– Sacrifice
– safety and security
Given the price, no one can reject the work of other people.

Tips For Wedding Photographer

There are lots of good online resources available, but if you are just getting started, check out WHEREACHES and this is the best place for millennials to explore and explore new areas of interest!

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Who Can Become A Photographer

•  to start a career as an amateur / beginner photographer.

• who wants to capture breath-taking shots with their camera.

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• student who is exploring photography as a career to pursue later.

• Anyone who wants to develop a more effective portfolio or social media account (ie Instagram)

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Hope this helps, cheers! 🙂


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