How To Start A Car | How To Learn Car Driving

Hello Guys Welcome To My Website . In This Tutorial We Learn How To Drive A Bolero, Car And Bus. If You Thinking How We Learn These Three Vehicle Together Then Your Answer Is In Car , Bolero , And Bus The Working Of Accelator , Brake , Clutch , Gear Are Same , But In Few Model Its Postion in Change. 90% Of Van Gear, brake , accelator,clutch are same. So Lets Start Learning a Car Driving.

How to drive a car


How To Start  A Car

Steps To Starting A Car :-

  1. First Check The Gear In Neutral Or Not (Start Car in Neutral ).
  2. Press The Clutch Pedal With Your Left Foot.
  3. Release Emergency Brake once again, check that the gear shifter is in the neutral
  4. Turn On The KEY In Ignation . Now Your Car Is Started.

How To Stop A Car

  1. Press The Clutch Pedal
  2. Press Brake Slowly – Slowly and
  3. Change The Gear In Neutral , Now Your Car Is Stopped.

How To Learn Car Driving

There Are Two Type Of Bolero And Car In Market First Automatic And Second Manual . Automatic Mode ‘s Car Anyone Can Drive Easilye . But In Manual Mode Car Not Easy To Drive . So Today We Learn How to Drive A Car Of Manual Mode .

Before Starting Bolero Driving We Need To Know The Postion Of Accelator , Brake And Clutch.

What Is The Location Of Car Gears

  1. Gear Shifter – Gear Shifter Located in Center Area of Car Console . It is Used For Change The Gear in Neutral Or in Another Gears. You can see the image of Gear Shifter in below image
gear shifter in car

2. Clutch – The First Pedal From Left Side Of left foot is clutch. we use clutch for disaengage the current gear and change the gear.

3. Brake and Accelator – Second Pedal From Left Side Is Brake it is used for stop or slow the speed of car . And Just Inside of brake in right side is accelator that are use to speed up a car.


How To Drive A Bolero And Car

For Drive A Car Follow These Steps:-

  1. First Seat In Car Or Bolero Which You Want Drive And Wear Your Seat Belt.
  2. Change Gear in Neutral Press If Gear in Centre and Move Freely Then Gear In Neutral
  3. Press The Clutch And Start A Car (Above We Tell How To to Start Bolero) and Change 1 gear.
  4. Release The Clutch And Press Accelator Slowly – Slowly . And Your Car Start Running .

How To Back / Reverse a Bolero and Car

We Reverse A Car in Reverse Gear , So Now We Learn How To Go Back In Reverse Gear.

  1. Press The Clutch and
  2. Change The Gear Into Reverse Gear For Reverse Gear – Move in Right Side Then Move Back Its Like Sixth Gear.
  3. And Press Accelator . Your Car Starting Going Back.

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Gear Explaination 1st -5th Gear

Gear explain

You can understand about gear system by above image .


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