how to use dslr

How To Use Dslr Camera | Nikon And Canon

Hello Friends , This is First Article Of DSLR Camera Photography  Coarse,In This Article I will Tell You About How To Use Dslr camera to become a professional Photographer I Teach You About All type of DSLR (Camera Canon , Nikon And Sony).

Many Peaples Are Brought a Dslr Camera But they Do not know how to use dslr camera and They Only Shoot Photo in Auto Mode and doesn’t get more benefit of dslr cameras ,  So For Those Peaple Thiss Post Is Important.

I Promise To You If You Read Our “Professional Photography Coarse”, Then You Never Search Anywhere How ToUse Dslr camera . So Without Any Time Waste Lets Get Started .

How to become a professional photographer without going to school
how to use dslr

Learn How To Use Dslr Camera 

For Capture A Picture With Dslr Camera Follow These Steps –
In Both Camera Nikon And Canon This Process Is Same
Step:1– On The Camera
If You Don’t Know How To Turn On The Camera Read Our This Article
Step:2– Select Auto Mode
Step:3– Half Press Capture Button(Sutter Release) For Focus on Photo,
      You Can See Capture button In Below

capture button

Step:4 – Full Press Sutter Release button (Capture Button ) , Now Your Photo Is Captured Successfully.

Basic Buttons of Dslr Camera Explaination

  • Video Start/Stop Button – This Button Are Use For Switch in Video Mode For Video Recording . or Start a video recording and Stop Video recording
  • Power Switch– This Button Is Used For turn On / Off Dlsr Camera.
  • Shutter Release – This Button Is Used For Click or Capture A Photo
  • exposure Comp. –  
  • Mode Dial – It is Used For Switch in Another Mode
  • Live View Switch – This Button Are Use To See live photo Of Capturing Abject on the screen.
  • AF-L – This button Are Also Called Back Button . This is used for lock the focus.


uses of dslr


How To Use Dslr Camera Like Professional

If You Want To Become professional Photographers Thens You Need To Understand First What Is ISO , Sutter Speed And Aperture. And  when You Under These three Setting Then You can use dslr camera easily in manual mode.

1. Sutter Speed

For Change or use Shutter Speed Change Mode .  In Canon – TV Mode And Nikon – S Mode.

Shutter Speed Help To Capture A Motion Image , This Mode Mostly Used In Sport Photography If  You Want To capture Moving Image Image Then You Can Use Shutter Speed Mode.

Less Shutter Speed Can not Capture Motion Image . Ex. 1/30

For Capture Motion Image Set Shutter Speed High Example – 1/2000.

When Shutter Speed Is High Then Camera Open Shutter Fast And Capture Fast Image.

2. Aperture

Aperture Help In Blur Background Of photo .  For Use Aperture Set Dslr In Av Mode For Canon and

A Mode For Nikon.

Less Aperture Value More Blur Photo ‘s Background And High Aprture Less Blure Background. If You Want To Blur Background According To You . So You Can Change Aperture Value According To You.

Example – High Aperture Value – (Av,F20) No Blur BAckground Or Less Blur Background Image.

Less Aperture Value – (A,F5) More Blur Background .

3. ISO

ISO of dslr Camera help us to adjust britness of the picture

If You Set ISo high Example (iso 400)  ThenThe Caputred Image Background not clear ,It contains Noise Like Small Spots.  Set ISO low  (iso 100). For better quality image.

How To Use Nikon Dslr Camera Full Guide


To Use Nikon Dslr For Capture Moving Object (Birds,Sport Player)

For Capture Moving Abject like Flying Bird ,Running Players We Control It by Sutter Speed . For Capture Moving aobject Set SutterSpeed High

How To Change Sutter Speed – For Change Sutter Speed Roate Colin Dial Simply We Does not Need To Press Any Special Key Because It Is First Dslr Setting .

Instruction : – When you set sutter speed high then your image present dark so we need to do less aperture and high ISO , So Adjust Your Sutter Speed And Iso According To Background And Situation.

How To Use Nikon D5100 Dslr For More Blur

If You Want To More Blur With Nikon Camera Follow These Steps:-

  • Keep Away Background From Abject
  • Use Less Aperture Value

For Change Aperture Value Choose A Mode And Rotate Colin Dialer To Increase Or Decrease Aperture value .

How To Change Aperture Value In Manual Mode

If You Are Shooting In A Manual And Want To Change Aperture In Manual Mode So Follow These Steps –

Press Zoom in/out From From Camera You Can See Image Below.

Aperture Activator in manual mode

Now Aperture Is Activated You Can Change Aperture Value By Rotating A Colin Dialer.

How To Adjust ISO In Nikon Camera

We Use ISO For Increase Or Decrease Light In Our Photo .

How To Change ISO in Manual Mode : For Change Aperture In Manual Mode Press Fn Key From Dslr Camera You Can See This Button In Below Image

Under Standing Mode In Nikon

understanding mode in nikon

(M)Manual Mode – In This Mode We Can Set Sutter Speed , Aperture and Iso According To Us You Are Totaly Free To Setup in this mode.

(A) Aperture Mode – We need To Set Aperture only And Camera Set Automatic Sutterspeed and Iso According to Aperture

(S) Sutter Speed – In This Mode We set Sutter speed and Camera set other two setting according to sutterspeed.

(P)Program Mode


Question Answer Related To Photography Coarse

  • Where Do I Start With Photography
If You Click Good Photo and upload Your Picture on Online Website . many Website are Give You Many For Your Photo . You can Sell Your Picture On Online Plateform.
  • Can I Learn Photography without doing any coarse
Yes , If We Provided Many Article For You On This Website . Your teach yourself by reading those article.
  • How Can I Learn Photography Online ?
Many Website Are providing A Online Camera Coarse You can Join This . But Many  Website is provide paid coarse. Our Website Is Provided Professional Photographer coarse you can join this.
  • Is Process Of Capturing Image In Nikon and Canon Are Same

Yes , The Process Of Capture Image In Auto Mode Is Same in both camera nikon and canon

Last Word

I Hope You Like Our Article How to Use Dslr Camera , If You Have Any Questions Related To This Post Then You Can Ask In Comment Box We Reply Soon. And Please Share This Article With Your Friends . And If You Want Recieve Email Of Our Next Post Then Subscribe Our Website By Email.


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