Top 10 Richest Investors In The World In 2021

Top 10 Richest Investors In The World

Hello Dear Reader , In This Article We Know About Top 10 Richest Investor Of The World, Who Earn Billions Of Dollar Due To His Investing. And Also I Am Tell His Net worth , So Lets Get Started.Top 10 richest investor

Top 10 Richest Investors In The World

Investing Is The Most Popular tems In Finance Due To  Investing Many Peaple Are Become Rich Here We Know About Them, Richest Investor In the World :

  • Warren Buffett
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Carl Icahn
  • George Soros
  • Joseph Safra
  • Thomas Peterffy
  • James Simon
  • Ray Dalio
  • abigail Jonshon
  • Steve Cohen

Now We Know About Them in Details So Kets Get Started.

  1. Warren Buffett.  He Earn All His money From Investing. He Is An American Investor and Warren Buffett is The 6th Richest Person Of The World. His Networth is $93.2 Billion Dollar. Buffet Is a big Inspiration For New Investors.
  2. Michael Bloomberg. – He is An American Business Man and Investor, Michael Is 21 Richest Man In The Global His Networth Is $54 Billion Dollars.
  3. Carl Icahn. – Carl Is Belong From America He Is 127Th Richest Man In The World  His Net Worth is $15.6 Billion Dollar.
  4. George Soros. George Is Also From USA (America) . His Rank Is 277 Richest Man in Global . and He Is Billionaier Investor. His Networth is $8.6 Billion.
  5. Joseph Safra. He Is From Brazil , Joseph Safra Is Bilionaires Bankers and investors His Networth Is $22.8 Billion Dollar.
  6. Thomas Peterffy.  He Is n American Business man And Investor And the largest shareholder of Interactive Brokers. His Net Worth is $22.3 Billion Dollar. Thomas Peterffy Is 64 th richest Man In the World.
  7. James Simon. He Is From America .His Net Worth Is $23.3 Billion Dollar.
  8. Ray Dalio. His Full name Is Raymand Thomas Dalio He is a billionaire American hedge fund manager and philanthropist who is co-chief investment officer of the world’s largest hedge fund, His Net Worth Is $20.3 Billion Dollar. He Is 89th Richest Man In The Global.
  9. Abigail Johnson. He Is President and chief executive officer of American investment firm Fidelity  Investments (FMR) . His Rank in Global Is 133 . And His net Worth Is 15 Billion Dollar.
  10. Steve Cohen. He is 119th Richest Man in The World . He Is Also From USA. His net Worth Is 16 Billion Dollar.

Richest Investors Of India

  • Radhakishan Damani. – He is the No.1 investor of India Net Worth of Radhakishan damani is 2230 Crore USD.
  • Ramesh Damani. He is also popular investor in India The Net Worth of Ramesh Damani is 203 Crore.
  • Rakesh Jhunjhunawala. – He is known as Warren Buffett of India his Net worth is $3.2 billion dollars.
  • Raamdeo Agrawal. – The Net Worth of Raamdeo Agrawal is 100 crore USD.
  • Vijay Kedia.  Net Worth 300 Crore
  • Harshad Mehata. – We add this name for inspiration He Was A Big Bull Of 1992 On His Life A Webseries Is relaesed name Scam 1992.

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