the last lesson class 12 summary and importanat questions

The last lesson Summary Class 12 Important questions

Hello Student This Is The FIrst Lesson Of English Book Flamingo. In This Post We Know The last lesson class 12 Summary And Cover Some Questions Which Is Important For Your Exam. So Lets Get Started

The last lesson Class 12 Summary 

Characters Of The Last Lesson Story

Franz – He Is The Main Character Of This Story Franz Is A Student And He Tell The Story.

Mr. Hamel – Mr. Hamel Is French Teacher

Author Of This Story Is Alphonse Daudet.

Overview – This Story Of That Time when Prussia Defeated France in Battle and ruled on his two district alsace and lorraine.

The Story Is Begin With The Boy Franz . Is Saying That He Is Going To His School And Thinking About His teacher Home The Teacher Is said That He Will Ask About Participles In Next Class. Franz Don’t Want To Go School. In The Way He See Many Peaple Are Gathered At Bulletin Board.
Bullentin Board – From Previous two Years All The Bad News Are draft On That Bulletin Board

A Man Said To See Bulletin Board To Franz But He Don’t Show Interest Because He Already Got Late For his School .

When He Reached At School He Saw Some InRegularity In His School. School Is very Peacefull No Voice Of Student , Teacher Sticks. He Feel That day Like Sunday Morning. When He look In CLass From Balcony He Saw Mr. Hamel Is Moving In The CLass. And When He Enter Into Class , Mr Hamel Said In Soft Voice – Come Franz I was Going To Start The Class without You.

Franz See Some Village Mans Are Seated On The Last Bench Unusually Other Day back Bench is empty .And He Notice that mr.  hamel Is Wear a some different clothes , He Wear This Type Of Cloths on special day or prize day. Franz have many confusion he thought that what is special that day. And Then

Mr Hamel Say – My Students This Is The Last Lesson Of French shall I give you. The Order Is Come From Berlin That The french will not teach in the schools of alsace and lorraine. They Replace French language with german language. After Heared That Word Franz Get His all answer which comming in his mind.

Franz Think The Pigeons Is also talk in german language.

Hamel Say If You Don;t Know Your Language French Then German Peaple laugh and Ruled Over You .

Mr. Hamel write “Vive la France” On Black Board, Its Mean long live France.

Hamel Is Very Sad And He Try To Speak But He Stop And He Give Signal without Saying Anything. The School Is Over And They Can Go.


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Important MCQ

The Last Lesson Class 12 Important Questions

Now We given Some Important Question and highlighted Their Answer with blue colour. The last lesson class 12 Summary and Important Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

Tick The Correct Option That Best Explanation of the word

A) ” What A Thunderclap These Word Were To me

i) Loud And clear     ii) Startling and Unexpected   iii) Pleasant and Welcome

B) When A Peaple Enslaved , As Long They hold fast to their Language it is as if they had key To Their prison .

i)  Do not lose their Language  ii)  Are Attached to Their language   iii) Quickly Learn The Conquer language

C) Don’t Go So fast , You Will get to your school in the plenty of time.

i) Very late  ii) Too Early    iii) Early Enough

D) I Never Saw him Looks So Tall . M. Hamel

i)  Had Grown physically Taller    ii) Seemed Very Confident     iii) Stood on the chair

Que.1 Who Is The Author Of The Last Lesson ?

a) Jane Austen

b) Rabindra Nath Tagore

c) Alphonse Daudet

d) None

Que.2  Alphonse Daudet From Which Country ?

A) India

B) France

C) England

D) Newzealand

Que.3 . The Story Last Lesson Highlight Which Human Tendency ?

A)  Male Chauvinism

B) Procrastination

C) Courage

D) Cowardice

Que.4 .What Are The Things Being Taken For Granted By The Peaple Of Alsace ?

A) Teacher And School

B) Time And School

C) Peaple Around

D) Money And power

Que.5 .What Does The Last Lesson Symbolize ?

A) Loss

B) Loss of Freedom

C) Loss of language And Freedom

D) Loss Of language

Que.6 Why was Franz Reluctant to Go to School ?

A) Want to Enjoy Outdoor

B) Wanted To See Soldier Drill

C)  lesson on Participles is not prepared

D) None

Que.7  What Did Franz Find on Reaching in School ?

A) Peaple Are Dancing

B) School Are Closed

C) Police Patrolling

D) Strange Quitness

Que. 8  Who Is Seated on Back benchs ?

A) Weak Students

B) Class monitor

C) Village Elders

D) Teacher

Que.9  Why Was Franz Surprised ?

A) Because Of Village ELders

B) Because of Student Behavior

C) Because Of Mr. Hamel kind and polit behavior

D) Because of police patrolling

Que. 10 For How Many Year Mr. Hamel Serve the school ?

A) 20 Years

B) 50 Years

C) 40 Years

D) 300 Years

m hamel serve the school for 40 years.

Que.11 Where Did Parent Send Their Childrens ?

A) School

B) Coaching

C) Mills And Firm

D) Movie

Parents Sending Their Childrens To firms and mills To Earn Money.

Que.12 What Does The Expression ‘ In Great dread of scolding’ Means ?

A) To Be Happy About It

B) Very Badly Scared Of Scolding

C) To Be indifferent

D) None

Intent Question From Book

1. What was franz expected to be prepared with far School that day?

M. Hamel said that he would ask question on participles. So he was expected to prepared particle that day.

2. What did franz notice that was Unusual about the school that day?

franz kell that day like Sunday Morning because no Student voice he heard in school?

3. What had been put up on the bulletin-board?

from the last two year all bad new are put on bulletin board. If we like notice board On

1. What changes did the Corder from berlin Cause in that day. ?

France was defeated in the battle so the Order in Come from berlin was to not teach french in france. They exchanged french with german language.

2. How did franz I feelings about M. Hamel and School Change ?

franz was Upset that day he was listening Carefully to Mr. Hamel . before that the feel bore the lesson but now he is interested in it. He was feeling sorry for Hamel Now he realized the importance of French language

Understanding The text.

1. The people in this story suddenly realise how precious their language we to them. What show you this? “Why does this happen?

The Thee is Common for the peoples. They realized the importance of the things  when they lossed that feel that the german language become hard for them.

This changes happen due to the battle.  battle also the Impact the life of the people.

2.  Franz think,” Will they make them sing in German Ever the Pigeons ? What could this mean?

Prussia is defeated France in War and The order is come from Berlin that from now French language will not teach in school they forced to peaple to study German. So Franz is thinking that pigeon are also sing in german. It mean that German has forcefully Alsace and Lorraine. so they can also force pigeon. It is funny but franz was a child  and they can think that.

Thinking About The Text

1. When a people are enslaved, as long as they hold fast to their language it is as if they had the to their prison.”

Can You think of examples in history Conquered people had their language taken away from them or had a language imposed on them.

Ans. It is true that someone’s language is the key of his freedom. A foreign language put impact on the Culture and enslaved the people and the people care forgotten their language.


2. What happens to a linguistic Minority in a state? How do you think they Can keep their language alive.

Ans. In different state a peoples have challenge to a live their language. Ex. Punjabi in mumbai, Gujarati in kolkata Marathi in Up. But

They can keep alive their language by Communicating Interacting in their own language boy with the people of their Community. they can speak own language at home Can listen Own languages Song, watch morda in their own language.

3. Is it possible to Carry proud in One’s language too far? (Do you know what ” linguistic Chauvinism ‘ means ?)

Ans – It is not possible to carry pride in one’s language to far Every one think his own language Superior. “Linguistic Chauvinism” means to think one’s own language Superior while all others Inferior.

—————Chapter Over ————–


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