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What Is Photography | Candid And Portrait Photography

In This Post We Know All about Of Photography Such As What is Photography And How Many Types Of Photography And I Also Tell You What is Candid, Portrait And Aerial Photography.  In Simple Word Photography Is Process Of Taking A Photographs is Know As Photography,And  Person Who takes A Photographs Is Called Photographer. Now We Cover Every Topic in Details

What Is Photography

Photography Is Skill Of Capturing a Beautifull photographs of A Person Or Other Things by  differents Angles Is Called Photography. The Photographs Is Captured By A Camera With The Sensor And Other Camera Equipment For Make Images And A Person Who Capture A Photographs is Photographer.

The First Photographs Is Capture In 1826 By Joseph Nicéphore Niépce In France ,Nicéphore Niépce Invented A First Photographs By Heliography.

Popular Types Of Photography

There Are Many Typs Of Photography But Here I Covered Popular Types Of Photography Which Reguraly Searches On Internet Typs of Photography Are Given Below

how to use dslr


  1. Portrait Photography – In Portrait Photogrphy A Photographer Capture A Pictures Of peaple In A Group And  Specialse it In Portrature. This Type Of Photgraphs Mainly Captured In Wedding or Any Events . Best Example Of Portrait Photography Is Senior High School  Student Group Photos.
  2. Candid Photography –  Capture a Photographs Without Telling Him Or Caputring A Photo Without Any Pose Appearance is Called Candid Photography. Best Example Of Candid Photography Is Capture A Photo While Any One Is Sleeping , Click A Photo While Marry Time.
  3. Aerial Photography – A capturing A Photographs From Air By Helicptor And Any Other Fly Object Is Know As Aerial Photography. In Simple word Capture A Image of Anything By Drone Or helicopter Is called Aerial Photography. You Can Read About This Below In Details.
  4. Fashion Photography –  A Peaple Wear A Fashinanble Product Like Fashion Cloth For Photoshoot, This Type Of Photography Called Fashion Photography. Example :- Photoshoot In Fashion Show.
  5. Sport Photography – Sport Photography Refers To That Type Of Photography In Which All type Of Sport Event Covered.

Now We Covered Every Types Of Photography In Detail.The Mainly Type Of Photography are Portrait , Candid, Aerial , Fashion And Sport Photography. Below Information Is Given About Them

What Is Portrait Photography

portrait photography

The Art Of Capturing a Beautifull Images With A Camera and Other Equipment To take A Wonderfull Short In A Group Is Called Portrait Photogrphy . Portrait Photography is a Process of Capturing A Group Photo. This Type Of Photography Mainly Demanded In Wedding and Other Events.

What Is Candid Photography

Candid Photography
Image Source Canvera

Some Image Is Take From Wikipedia

In Candid photography A Photographer Capture A Photography Without Permision (Without Telling Him) . In Simple Word A Person Ignore  camera in Photographs is Known As Candid Photography.

Ths Type Of Photographs Look like Professional And Very Attractive .

The Example Of Candid Photography Are-  Click A Photograph Who Ignore A  camera , In Wedding A Couple Doing His Work and Photographer Capture His Image But They Dont Know.

Use Of Candid Photography

  • For Collect Wedding Photographs
  • For A Portfolio
  • For A Modeling

What is Aerial Photography

aerial photography

In Aerial Photography , The Process of Capturing A photographs From Air With A Helicopter , Drone And Other Fly Object Is Know As  Aerial Photography.

Aerial photography is that the taking of images of the bottom from associate elevated/direct-down position. typically the camera isn’t supported by a ground-based structure. Platforms for aerial photography embrace fixed-wing craft, helicopters, remote-controlled aerial vehicles (drones), balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, pigeons, kites, parachutes, complete telescoping and vehicle-mounted poles. Mounted cameras is also triggered remotely or automatically; hand-held images is also taken by a artist.

Use Of Aerial Photography

The Use Of Aerial Photography Are-

  • Search A Best Place For Movie Production
  • Commercial Advertising
  • land Use Planning
  • Natural Disastor Survey
  • To See Water Level on Land

What Is fashion Photography

Portfolio of model

A Fashionable Photographs Taken By a Photographer Is Called fashion Photography. In This Type Of Photography A Model Wear A Fashionable Cloth ,Shoes and other things to look attractive.

In Simple Way You Can Say Fashion photography is photography of fashion.

We see Many of aspiring photographers currently. plenty of them with high-ticket DSLR cameras and lenses. it’s become a acknowledged job currently. It’s not a profession that your father would tell you can not earn you a luxury automobile. however what will it go for be a flourishing fashion artist.

Use Of Fashion Photography

  • For Search A Best fashion Model
  • Advertisement Of Cloth
  • Advertisement Of Other Commercial Product
  • For World Beautifull Women

What Is Sport Photography

how to become a sport photographer

Sport Photography Is Challenge Job In This We Need To Hard Practice and Right Equipment Choice Of Camera And Lenses And Then You Need To Basic knowledge Of Dslr Camera Camera If You Did not know How To USe Dslr Camera You Read This Post –  How To Use Dslr Camera . 

If You Want To Become A Sport Photographer So read This – How To Become A Sport Photographer in India


In This Article We Know What Is Photography And Also covered Its Type , What is Candid Photography And Portrait , Fashion , Aerial Type Of Photography.

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